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Alison Lohans

Award-winning author Alison Lohans has published 26 books for young people. She often starts her books by placing characters in a situation with a significant question, or problem, to solve.

Alison's books include four picture books (Nathaniel's Violin; Leaving Mr. Humphries); five early chapter books (Getting Rid of Mr. Ribitus; Germy Johnson's Piano War); five middle-grade novels (No Place for Kids; Picturing Alyssa); nine books for young adults (Don't Think Twice; This Land We Call Home); and three educational titles for classroom use. More books are on their way!

Alison has been a teacher, an editor, a researcher, a pharmacy assistant (and even a delivery driver!) She enjoys speaking to classes about her work, and writing. She plays several musical instruments for fun - and also loves to travel, sometimes using intriguing locales as settings for her books.

Alison Lohans lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, with her furry family.