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Linda Aksomitis

Linda decided at an early age that she wanted to be a writer and do everything! A few thousand articles, a travel blog at, 30+ books, and a number of radio broadcasts later, she's still got lots on her bucket list.

She has a Bachelor of Vocational/Technical Education (BVTEd) with an education major as a teacher-librarian, technical major in serger sewing, and program major in English. After earning her BVTEd, she went on to earn a Masters in the same program with thesis work in online education.

The position she loved the most, and that inspired much of her writing, was as a school librarian for 11 years in a number of schools from K to 12. After spending so long as a librarian, she wrote the textbook, Guide to Becoming a Library Technician, published by a California educational publisher. Then, she took a position as faculty head and instructor for Credenda Virtual College teaching Library Information and Technology certificate and diploma programs. Following that she became an instructional designer for Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

In between, Linda has done many different things. She grew up on a horse ranch, so spent time barrel racing and competing in horse shows. After she married a snowmobile lover, she got involved in snowmobile trail riding, drag racing, and eventually, ice oval racing, with their team competing across Canada and the U.S. At the same time, she took a job as a traveling saleslady for a sewing machine company with the province of Saskatchewan as her territory, but also working in neighboring provinces and even at the Los Angeles County Fair. Hooked on seeing the world, Linda went on to become a travel writer and has visited 20+ countries to date.