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PB - Dear Flyary (by Dianne Young)

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PB - Dear Flyary (by Dianne Young)

20.5 x 25 cm (7.75 x 9.5 in)
Illustrated by John Martz

“This adorable book about little alien Frazzle and his first Model 7 is a fun read for all ages. Not only is the book a fun read, it’s imaginative and great for the entire family.

On his dropday, Frazzle gets a flyary (diary) from his Oldpop (grandpop). Frazzle is also old enough to now buy his own spaceship! He then takes readers on an adventure of his ups and downs with his spaceship. From showing the spaceship off to his co-workers, to taking it to the greeball game, to having to get it fixes multiple times. Frazzle ends up having to make a hard decision. Should he trade in his Model 7 for the brand new Model 8, or continue fixing his beloved first spaceship?”

Jillian Van Leer, Kids Book Central

*Best Bet for 2012 by the Ontario Library Association*
*2014 Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature*