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MG - Dinosaur Hideout (Dinosaur Adventures Series #1)(by Judith Silverthorne)

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MG - Dinosaur Hideout (Dinosaur Adventures Series #1)(by Judith Silverthorne)

22.9 x 15.2 cm (9 x 6 in)

What good is a bunch of old bones? Daniel lives in southwestern Saskatchewan along the Montana border, land rich in fossils from the prehistoric past. Dinosaur country. Daniel loves nothing more than fossil hunting. He even dreams about dinosaurs. But his dad wants him to take more interest in his chores. The farm is in financial trouble, and he doesn’t think a bunch of old bones is going to help.Then, at his secret hideout, a hollowed-out cave in the hillside, Daniel makes an exciting find. A fossil never before seen in the area, proves to him he's on the right track to find bigger dinosaur bones. But he has to watch out for Pederson, the scary old guy who lives on the neighbouring land. He also has to be on the look out for Pederson’s enormous dog.What is Pederson hiding in his old shack? Why is he trying to scare Daniel away from the fossils?