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MG - The Secret of the Stone House (by Judith Silverthorne)

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MG - The Secret of the Stone House (by Judith Silverthorne)

12.7 x 17.8 cm (5 x 7 in)

Twelve-year-old Emily Bradford travels back in time to discover a secret about her grandmother's stone house. She also learns how to accept her parents' divorce and change her relationship with her mother. Times are hard for Emily Bradford. Her beloved Grandmother Renfrew has died, and her mother can't afford to keep the family's beautiful old stone farmhouse. Emily and her mom, Kate, are driving to the house to help auction off its contents. At the same time, Emily's parents are divorcing, and she fears her father won't have time for her any more. And her mom's driving her crazy with her obsessively organized and bossy ways. But Emily has a wonderful secret. She's learned to travel into the past--to the time her forebears were building the stone house. She sees her grandmother as a child and becomes friends with her great-uncle Geordie as a boy of twelve. In the past, Emily learns to understand her mother better and discovers a powerful secret contained in the old house-a secret that will help her explore her family's roots in Scotland. And she may even have a way to keep the stone house in the family.