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YA - Timefall (by Alison Lohans)

$15.95 CAD
YA - Timefall (by Alison Lohans)

15.2 x 22.9 cm (6 x 9 in)

What if you're a teen mother, and your baby is needed a thousand years in the future?
What if you're last in a long line of Seers, and survival depends on your flawed Sight?

Two worlds poised on the brink of collapse:
Katie has few friends and lives with her baby, her mother, and her bratty younger brother. Then she falls into another world….
Iannik is last in a long line of Seers. When his mentor passes away, who's left to help him? Everyone fears his unruly powers….
Can Iannik summon the infant T’laaure from the doomed, distant past to save Aaurenan?
Is Katie’s baby the one who holds all the answers?

Finalist, 2019 Prix Aurora Award, Young Adult Novel