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YA - Dragon Planet: Kraamlok (by Sharon Plumb)

$12.99 CAD
YA - Dragon Planet: Kraamlok (by Sharon Plumb)

15.2 x 22.9 cm (6 x 9 in)

"The Eye shall be Blood, the sun shall be Bone, and dragons shall pass from the world. For it comes, it comes, the kraamlok comes..."

Dragon seer Tondor was hatched for only one purpose: to ask the starry dragon god, Morwaka, for a way of escape from his tribe's prophecy of doom from the sky. But Morwaka isn't speaking to him.

As rebellion brews around him, and his arch-rival tries to steal his dragon love's heart, Tondoor learns that the answer he seeks might lie with a lunatic dragon lost somewhere in the other five corners of the world. Can Tondoor succeed in his quest to save the dragons he loves -- and survive the ones he doesn't -- before the kraamlok destroys their world?

Dragons and more dragons in a variety of cultures, a pristine planet with surprising links to our own, plenty of lore and legends, sweet romance, politics and culture, a bumbbling extra-terrestrial, and a sweeping epic fantasy quest. Perfect for readers of any age who want an exciting dragon saga with lots of twists and surprises.