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PB - The 1-Dogpower Garden Team (by Alison Lohans)

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PB - The 1-Dogpower Garden Team (by Alison Lohans)

20.3 cm x 20.3 cm (8 in x 8 in)
Illustrated by Gretchen Ehrsam

Sophie loves her dog, Max. Max loves Sophie. But he also loves to dig.
Can Sophie find a way to stop Max from digging up Mom's garden?

"Sophie and her dog Max are most loveable, inseparable, and often quite mischievous ... As a team they are sure to inspire their young audience to confront problems head on, just as they do!" Dr. Norman C. Yakel, professor emeritus, Faculty of Education, University of Regina

"A heartwarming tale that will win the hearts of every child and dog-lover."
Wilfred Burton, retired educator and award-winning author